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For this assignment, review the basic concepts of persuasion
discussed in Cialdini (2001) and McLean (2012). Then take a close look
at the first few slides of Jernigan (2013) and make sure you are clear
on the distinction between argument, persuasion, and propaganda.

Once you have finished reviewing the background materials, think
about communication that you receive in your daily life that is intended
to sway your attitudes, opinion, or behavior. This could be
communication from your employer, YouTube videos, TV advertisements,
spam email, and a host of other communication that you are exposed to in
your daily life. After reviewing some communication examples, write a
3-page paper addressing the following questions:

  1. Describe a communication example that you have seen that is best
    described as propaganda. In addition to describing the communication,
    explain why you think this was propaganda rather than argumentation or
    persuasion. Use the distinctions spelled out by Jernigan (2013) in your
  2. Now find a communication example that you think is a good example of
    argumentation. Describe the example and explain why you think it fits
    the definition of argumentation described by Jernigan (2013).
  3. Last, but definitely not least, find an example of persuasion that
    you think best fits the definition of Jernigan (2013) as well as
    exemplifies the concepts of persuasion discussed in Cialdini (2001) or
    McLean (2012). Explain why you think this communication best fits the
    definition of persuasion rather than propaganda or argumentation.


McLean, S. (2012). Chapter 14: Presentations to persuade. Communication for Business Success. Lardbucket.org

Cialdini, R. B. (2001). Harnessing the science of persuasion. Harvard Business Review, 79(9), 72-79. [EbscoHost]

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