Purpose of a College Degree

I would like you to revise the essay I attach here again in order more to get a clear argument and analysis, because yours have a very strong structure and summarizing. – just need more analysis. For example, putting ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ on your thesis and getting more relation to the main points in every paragraph towards the thesis. Thanks.

Also, one more thing that I would like you to work on is to write about 2 pages of your progress paper of what you will revise here.

Give me a paper which contains: Reflect on the process you employed as you developed your paper. How did you go about generating ideas? How did you select and develop your analysis? This reflection offers you an opportunity to demonstrate your awareness of your learning process AND to think about how you might build on what you have learned.

If you allow working on these two more businesses with me, I’d be nothing more than happy. Thanks.

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