Purchase College Screenplay With Voice Over Paper

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Write a screenplay that relies more on voice over than on sync dialogue, 7 to 10 pages, proper screenplay formatting. (Use Celtx.com when writing the screenplay it formats the screenplay for you !)

Watch these clips on YouTube to help you write your screenplay:

Beaufort Ball/New York Society – The Age of Innocence (4:30) Veronique Laurent

     Wings of Desire (1987) Scene (2:09) Golnaz Jamsheed

2 or 3 Things I Know about Her_Clip2 (3:37) e8rul4

The Thin Red Line – This Great Evil Scene (1:55) R0yZhFtw_

the screenplay can be about anything. Make it interesting and exciting PROPER SCREENPLAY FORMAT (It should always be present tense) Screenplay are not written like a book/novel. I attached screenplay formats to help you . please use http://celtx.com it formats the screenplay for you.

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