promoting wellness and resilence 1

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Program Development and Service Delivery

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Hi please run the paper through Turnit it will need to be at 6% 3-4 pages not including the title pages needs to have 2 to 3 scholarly sources. I attached the template I hope you find this easy. I also attached the two papers that were done to give you a overall summary of what the subject is about. if you have any questions please let me know. 

Here is the assignment if your are interested. I will attach the two papers he done and my target population is on Transgenders. And the template. cf_COUN5223_U09a1_template.docx Promoting Wellness & Resilience Paper.doc Newman_advocacy_and_cultural_diversity.doc 

In your first two project assignments, you identified a culturally diverse target population, proposed advocacy activities to assist that population, and then recommended appropriate prevention and education methods designed to promote individual, cultural, and community wellness and resilience.

For your final project assignment, building upon the work you did in Units 4 and 6, you will develop a program designed to meet at least one of the needs of your the target population you have identified during the course of this project. Your program plan should include:

  • How the needs of your target population influenced the decision to design and manage your proposed mental health program.
  • The appropriate models, methods, and principles of program development and service delivery.
  • The roles that finance, administration, and data will play in the development of your proposed program.
  • How you plan to apply principles, models, and needs assessment results to drive program modifications.
  • Reference materials from your studies and additional academic peer-reviewed research from the Capella Library to support your work.

Note: An assignment template has been created to assist you in developing your assignment. Click on the link in Resources to access the template.

Assignment Requirements

  • Number of pages: The paper should be between 3-4 pages in length.
  • Written communication: Communicate your thoughts in a manner that conveys the overall goals of the assignment and is consistent with APA standards for style and professionalism.
  • References: The paper must include a reference list. Include a minimum of 2-3 references from professional literature.
  • Format: You must use proper APA style in listing your references. Refer to the APA Style and Formatting module in Capella’s Online Writing Center on iGuide or the APA Style Manual 6th edition for more information. Write your paper using Microsoft Word.

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