INSTRUCTOR’S NAME: PROJECT PROPOSAL 2 Project proposal for Waste management services
This proposal aims at providing waste management services to various companies at the lowest
possible costs so as to enable companies to focus on their core businesses of maximizing profits
and minimizing costs.
Problem statement
Most companies have problem in terms of waste management. This is because they have limited
resources that can help in achieving this goal. In addition, time is a scarce resource for most
companies and for this reason, Clean Management Company will provide the services at
affordable costs to companies at their convenience. This will ensure a clean working
environment and thus account for corporate social responsibility for various companies and thus
increasing public trust and hence a positive reputation which will consequently translate into
high performance.
Proposed solution
Clean management company aims at obtaining high quality equipment that can be used to
undertake various waste management activities. The company will advertise its services to
potential clients especially those located in various cities and yet have problems with waste
disposal. Some of the ways in which the company will manage waste is through recycling. This
is one of the major ways whereby the company will have its own plant that can perform the task
and also partner with other companies to deal with the waste issue in case of high demand in the
market. Composting the wastes especially the organic wastes is another way te company will PROJECT PROPOSAL 3 manage the waste. This will ensure a clean environment and contribute greatly to agricultural
farming and thus earn the company high profits. The composed materials can be sold out as
fertilizer to farmers and thus a way of waste management.
The company will also take time to educate companies on minimization of wastes and therefore
charge some fees on the same. This is because Clean Management Company acts in good faith to
ensure corporate social responsibility and not just aiming at making profits alone. Landfills is
another way that the company will use. This entails burying waste especially on some specified
places to eliminate waste. Extra care will be given in terms of treating the waste before burying it
to remove bad odor and ensure environment maintenance.
Pricing/Financial Information
It is projected that the company will incur 50,000 dollars as the initial outlay for the project.
Clean management will spend this amount in obtaining the necessary equipment whereby 30,
000 will be utilized.10,000 dollars will be directed towards employing experts and other staff
who will undertake the project while the remaining 10,000 will be dedicated towards logistics for
instance in maintenance and repairs, operational costs like electricity and water among others.
The funds will be obtained from part of the company profits, contributions in form of capital by
the shareholders and loans from banks and tis will be in terms of 30@ from profits,20% from
capital contributions and 50 %from loans.
It is projected that the cash flows in the first 5 years will be 70,000, 90,000,125,000,135,000
and 170,000 respectively. As the company expands the market, it will open up new branches and
thus increased profits. The cost to be charged by the company will depend entirely on the method
of waste management and amount of waste to be managed as well as the time. However the PROJECT PROPOSAL 4 prices are expected to range from as low as 500 dollars to 10,000 dollars. This will ensure
affordable ways for various companies to dispose off their waste and at the same time bring in
profits for the shareholders of clean management Company. PROJECT PROPOSAL 5
REFERENCE Lewis, H. (2015). Bids, tenders and proposals: winning business through best practice. Kogan
Page Publishers.

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