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  analyzing the Global Super Store data 

In this assignment, you will be analyzing the Global Super Store data. Begin by downloading the dataset, “GlobalSuperstore Data Set.xls,” which will be used for this assignment.


GlobalSuperstore – Updated.xlsx

Download GlobalSuperstore – Updated.xlsx

To answer the questions, refer to the following tutorials:

Tableau Tutorial A.pdf

Download Tableau Tutorial A.pdf

Tableau Tutorial B.pdf

Download Tableau Tutorial B.pdf

 Now, proceed to answer the following questions:


a. Using a map, identify the three countries that generated the highest total profit for Global Superstore in 2021.

b. For each of these three countries, determine the three products with the highest total profit. Provide the names of the products and their corresponding total profit.

Question 2: Determine the three subcategories with the highest average shipping cost in the United States.

Question 3: 

a. Evaluate Nigeria’s profitability (total profit) for 2021 and compare it to other African countries. Use a map to present your findings.

b. Investigate potential factors contributing to Nigeria’s poor performance, such as shipping costs and average discount. You can utilize a map or a bar chart, or both, to illustrate your analysis.

Question 4:

a. Identify the least profitable product subcategory in Southeast Asia. Assume that Southeast Asia includes Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. 
Hint: No date restriction in this question.

b. Determine if there is a specific country in Southeast Asia where Global Superstore should discontinue offering the identified subcategory. 
Use a map to support your answer. 
Hint: Use a subcategory filter for tables and compare countries’ average profit and total profit to find out the answer.

Question 5: 

a. Determine the city with the lowest average profit (considering only cities with at least 10 orders) in the United States. 
Use a map to present your findings. 
Hint: No date restriction, use average profit to find out the answer. Make sure that you have selected Country, State and City all together to create your map. You are also required to convert Order ID to a measure and filter to include at least 10 distinct orders.

b. Explain why the average profit in this city is significantly low. 
Hint: One approach to answer this question is to by taking a closer look at the distinct orders and
their respective profit (using a new sheet). Once you have dragged the (sum) profit measure to the Columns pane and the Order ID dimension to the Rows pane (you can add Sub-Category as a row, but this is optional), add a filter for cities  and choose the city from Q5a.

Question 6:

a. Identify the product subcategory with the highest average profit in Australia. 
Hint: No date restriction here.

b. First, identify all Australian cities with at least 5 orders. Then, focus on the previously identified subcategory and find cities where the average profit in that category exceeds $100. 
Use a map to visualize your results. 
Hint: Use average profit, filter by country and subcategory you identified in part a. You need to double click both country and city to get the correct map. You need to convert Order ID to measures and filter Order ID to have minimum 5 orders.

Question 7: Conclusion

Write a paragraph to conclude your analysis. Summarize the key findings for each analysis and address the specific business questions related to sales, profitability, and product categories/sub-categories. Finally, present actionable insights and recommendations based on your analysis. By following these instructions and organizing your work effectively, you will create a comprehensive report that effectively communicate your findings and recommendations to the company’s management.

Submission Requirements 

· Submit your answers in a 1-2-page Word document along with your Tableau workbook (TWBX).

· Label each Tableau sheet with the corresponding question number.

· Each question should have a dedicated Tableau sheet.

This assignment will be assessed based on the accuracy of your responses to each question in the worksheet.

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