Problem Solving in Supply Chain Logistics Management

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Consider this scenario:

You are employed as a Business Analyst for a large logistics corporation. Your main function is to identify options and solve problems that ultimately improve supply chain business systems. Your supervisor has made you aware of a situation whereby email notifications are being sent through your Information Technology Department to customers that are being characterized as late, inconsistent, and not having pertinent shipping information. Your supervisor’s concern is that these emails will potentially drive your customers away, and decrease profits.

Your objective is to solve this problem through improvement to the business system. You are to demonstrate the following:

  1. Evidence of a problem-solving method you have learned in this course
  2. A solution that demonstrates improvement to business etiquette and audience sensitivity
  3. A sample effective email notification that will be used in the future

Your answer should be written in the form of a business memorandum, and be at least 300 words in length. Click business memorandum example to review a business memorandum example for this assignment.


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