Prejudice, Stereotypes, Discrimination, and Privilege

SOC 315 Week 3 Discussion Prejudice, Stereotypes, Discrimination, and Privilege

Please ensure your initial post, and your 2 posts to fellow students have the following: a minimum of 175 words, and at a minimum of one academic in-text citation with a corresponding full reference. This means all 3 posts this week require 175 words AND an academic citation.

Due Thursday

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words and an academic reference.

  • Consider your appearance or identity characteristics. How are you or how might you be stereotyped (positively or negatively) in your local community, your workplace, or a different region of the country?
  • How are these potential stereotypes similar or different, depending on place?
  • Share any misconceptions that someone may have held about you in the past, and if applicable, discuss what you did to address or dispel the misconceptions.

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