Preferences for business communication

I want you to write in the memo explaining about those thing s in details in South Korea as we are a company moving from United States to South Korea. So in the memo you are explaining to the emplooyees anout those four things adn how it is going to be over there in South Korea. Please I need at least 2 sources one of them must be academic APA Format. I’m turning this online so please make sure there is no plagiarsim.

  Religion

  •   Language  Preferences for business communication

      Transportation

  1. Individual Memo – Each team member is responsible for preparing a memo to the transferring employees with a copy for management explaining the topics/areas of research that will be incorporated into the Training Seminar. The material needs to be documented for those that may not be able to attend the training, for those that want to take the information with them as they travel and for future use.Each member must include at least two (2) different sources – one must be academic or peer reviewed. Each source must be different between the team members – no duplicates. Your memos must be at a minimum, two single-spaced pages. (200 individual points – graded

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