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Instructions will be uploaded later.

Part One: Discovery Draft

Before you start this part of the assignment, make sure you have your topic completely narrowed down so that you know which abstract concept you will be writing about. Then, you will free-write about your chosen concept. Your goal should be to generate about 2 pages, and the overall purpose is to start to notice what you already know about your concept and what you might need to find out. Please do not worry about having any organization or flow to this assignment. It can be brainstorm-y and messy. That is the whole point of a discovery draft!

To help you get started, you might try answering the following questions:


1. What are some common definitions that exist for my concept? (For example, how do philosophers, lawyers, scientists, historians, other experts, etc. view my concept? How does someone who is part of my community view this concept vs an outsider?)

2. Has the definition of my concept evolved over time? What was the “original” definition? What happened to cause the definition to change or evolve?

3. What is my personal understanding of my concept? What personal experience led me to develop my own unique understanding?

4. Why/How is my unique and personal definition of the concept useful for others in my community and beyond? Who, specifically, really needs to hear and understand my unique and personal definition?

5. What special strategies might I use to fully explain my concept to others (specific example, analogy, description, compare/contrast to similar concepts, classification (is this an emotion, a mindset, a philosophy, etc)?

Part Two: Research Plan

Consider what information you still need to find out about your concept. What search terms might you use to google that information? Have you found any websites that seem promising for helping you understand the history or different understandings of your contested concept?

Submitting Your Work

Submit your prewriting in one file to the Canvas Dropbox. Your assignment should be submitted in MLA or APA format, double spaced, with 12-point, Times New Roman font.


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