PR function

Question 1
Imagine you have been hired to manage the PR function for a startup company specializing in
environmental concerns and preservation. Develop a high level PR plan that will carry you
through the first six months of the company’s launch. Keep in mind initial startup tasks that
might include reaching out to key stakeholders or customers, or explaining the nature of your
company to others.
Question 2
What role does cultural sensitivity play in creating and implementing PR strategies that span
across international borders? How might a lack of cultural sensitivity affect a PR firm’s ability to
successfully build relationships across cultures? How can this type of dilemma be solved?
Question 3
What criteria should be used to determine public relations practitioners’ choice of a channel and
medium to communicate with a particular public?
Question 4
What are some of the ethical questions you have to consider when conducting a public relations
Question 5
What is the role of the PR team in compiling a company’s annual report? How important is it to
include PR representation in compiling these reports?

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