powerpoint presentation on blackberry’s business climate

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This is the project:

You will be working in groups of three that will be formulated in week 1 by your instructor. Expectations for the group project are to apply two of the business categories covered in this course, to the entity you have chosen for this project. Choose a company amongst your team. It can be one of the companies that a team member works for or something else. Start by assessing your company’s current business climate in order to identify a segment of the business you believe would benefit from a better management approach. The next step will be to formulate a strategy as to how that issue should be approached by applying the two business categories to arrive at a solution. For example, the group may conclude production output has not met demand due to inadequate availability of raw materials (Logistics category). Research efficient supply chain management (SCM) practices then select and develop an implementation plan for your proposed SCM solution. Develop a strategy for how you will track the results of our solution (Management category, controlling function).

This is my part. Each section being a slide on the powerpoint:

-What is the business concept of blackberry and its background

-Blackberry’s current business climate

-examples could include comparing to apple and samsung

-What two segments of the business we believe would benefit form a better management approach

1. Strategic Management

2. Operational Management and Leadership


-examples such as profit and public opinion and appeal

-How Research and development would benefit?

-How innovation would benefit?

-How product development would benefit?

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