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The purpose of the position paper is to practice formulating and articulating an informed opinion that could be used to influence one’s constituents about a conflict in business. Because conflict has the potential to breed growth, it is important for managers (and learners) to be able to consider many different perspectives to an issue and to ground their arguments in theory so that the resulting decisions will be viewed as informed, reliable, and convincing rather than somewhat ignorant, unsubstantiated and biased. The position paper will provide you the opportunity to select a controversy of interest to you, examine your views in light of existing theory and research, design a presentation format that will convince your constituents to act in your favor, and work with a team in presenting that posture to the rest of the class.

Position 1:

Should Wells Fargo had fired the 5,300 employees due to the fraudulent accounts that were opened without customer’s consent?


Position 2:

Or, should they receive a pass since the fraudulent practices were from unfair sales policies and pressures in upper management?




I Need a two page paper for Position 2 stated above. Here are the sub-headers and arguments you can use for to explain Position 2: Widespread practice-explain that this was a widespread practice and because it was systematic all employees should be pardon of being fired since the widespread practice created a new culture or procedure into creating these fake accounts. and CEO and upper leadership culpability-Shows that initially, CEO and upper management were receiving bonuses relating to higher sales because of the fake accounts. The upper leadership is really at fault here because they should have measures to audit the accounts instead of profiting from it for years.

DO use sub-headings. DO ground your arguments in theory. DO pull extensively from existing literature and research in formulating your opinions.

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