Please make sure the assignment related to United Arab Emirates only not other country

Note: Please make sure the assignment related to United Arab Emirates only not other country

  1. The research must be minimum 1200 words





You are looking for an innovative business opportunity in

‘Organic Packing in UAE’s retail Industry’



1.  As an entrepreneur, discuss how might you search for innovation opportunities existing in Dubai?

2.      Evaluate the set of entrepreneurial skills required to start-up your business.

3.      Determine the challenges and their possible solutions which employees might face in the field.

4.      Discuss how to build trust and shared risk-taking to avoid contractual red tape.




Marking Scheme

Evaluation criteria for Individual Assignment


Introduction and table of contents


Executive summary/Mission/Ownership


Market summary


Strategy and Implementation Summary of your start-up business


Financial Plan


Management Summary


Discussions and Suggestions with conclusion

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