Please Follow the Instructor Carefully

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1. Use the link provided in the CPA folder to take the Big Five Personalities Test. The page will be the first page of a self-assessment. The assessment will include a few pages of questions. It took me about than ten minutes to answer them all. Read them carefully so you answer the questions accurately.

a. Provide your results indicating the percentages of each dimension: Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism (or Low Emotional Stability), Openness, and Extroversion.

b. Read the article “Understanding the Big Five Personality Traits.” For each of the dimensions, identify some of the traits under each of the definitions of the dimensions that you strongly identify with.

c. After reading the information in our book (Section 10.4a) and the article. Identify how this information can help a manager work with their employees better as well as what you see as the limitations of the assessment.

3. The four components of Emotional Intelligence or EI are self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. Select two of these components that you need to improve on to be a better team member and future leader. Explain why you think you improving these areas will make you a stronger leader. Be detailed and reference information from the text AND the video in the CPA folder.

4. After reading all of Section 10.1 Understanding Yourself and Others, explain why self-awareness important for being a good manager. Can you think of some specific negative consequences that might result from a manager with low self-awareness?

5. Read Section 10.2 Job Satisfaction and Trust. Most people are happier and healthier when they have positive feelings about their jobs and the organization for which they work. In a short essay, evaluate the relationship between job satisfaction, employee trust in management, and commitment organizational. Indicate if you believe job satisfaction or trust in management is a greater factor in creating higher employee performance.



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