Plato Phaeto by Eva Brann, Peter Kalkavage, Eric Salem, questions help

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At sections 77E-78A and 89C-91A, Socrates offers Cebes and Simmias
two seemingly unrelated pieces of advice regarding how they might
approach two seemingly unrelated problems:  the fear of death and
misology.  Based on our readings of Phaedo, please explain the
extent to which (1) these pieces of advice relate to one another, (2)
the two problems relate to one another, and (3) the pieces of advice
relate to the problems.  In addition, (4) please explain the extent to
which Plato presents Socrates as following his own advice and (5)
explain the relative success of doing so in relation to Phaedo’s claim
at 89A regarding how well Socrates healed those present with him.

Papers must be double spaced, 3-5 pages in length, and free of
spelling/grammatical/mechanical errors.  Please make use of any sections
of the text that we discussed in class that you believe will most
adequately address the exam questions, and please note that you are not
responsible for including any sections of the text that we did not cover
in class.  Please remember that you use Plato’s text, but no other outside sources will be permitted for this
paper, including the translators’ introductory essay that occurs prior
to Plato’s actual writing;  While you are not required to quote
passages from the text, if you choose to do so remember that they should
be brief and should only be used to support your explanations and not
replace them.  If you include any quoted material you may simply
indicate the page number(s) in quotes at the end of the passage(s);
please do not include footnotes, endnotes, a bibliography, works cited page, etc.  

Note;;;;; I want the language to be undergraduate level writing because my professor said he knows our level and the words we can use. so if it writing in high philosophical words he will know. I want lower level words but still good points.

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