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Hello, i only need 6 sentence response for this one. 

I need at least a 6 sentence response to the discussion posts below. No need for references unless you are quoting something directly. Would prefer someone who has access to the textbook “Great Traditions in Ethics” 12e, ISBN-13:97849509498-2 since this posting is in response to chapter 2 “On Plato” of that book. What I need is a direct response to the post below. For example: Hi Jane, I also believe that Plato… Something along whose lines.  Thank you!

Respond to this Post from Jane

Plato was a student of Socrates and held too many of his beliefs. He used Socrates s a way of presenting his arguments in his works, primarily in the form of dialogue with others who opposed his beliefs. He held that some beliefs were objectively true or objectively false, and not left to the whim of an individual’s belief and own experiences. Plato believed justice to be one of these objective truths, and believed it to be one of its highest virtues. Plato argues consistently through the text that Justice is an objective truth, while the sophists argue that justice is a tool of the weak, and the strong would not follow it if they could get away with injustice and bear no consequences for their actions.  Plato provides a basis for these ideas in the theory of Forms, the Form of Justice and the Form of the Good. Plato’s quote “the philosopher holding converse with the divine order, becomes orderly and divine, as far as the nature of man allows” (p.18). Plato sums up his argument on the forms of Justice and the Good with this quote, and is stating that those who profit from injustice become more unjust if they go uncaught. However, those that are caught and have that part of their nature humanized profit the most because their souls are redeemed.  Many of us get weighted down by guilt and injustice we do to one another. Plato argues that the to be happy we must be just and will be all the happier for it.

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