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Create a business plan for a project on your unit or department. Focus of business plan is **the need to hire an extra nurse in your intensive care unit in order to: increase patient satisfaction scores, increase quality of care, adhere to quality measures, and have positive patient experiences. Needs to be about 5 pages (excluding title page and references). 

            Need to think about:

                  What is it that you are proposing?

                  Who’s going to be the team? 

                  What are the objectives?

                  What are the quality measures?

                  What is the timeframe?

                  How much is it going to costs including fiscal, physical, and human resources?

**Business Plan must include these Sections:**

1. Executive Summary (most crucial section)

                  An Overview of business. Summarizes keys of the business such as:

                -Business name & location

                -Key info about business

                -Your business concept

                What does business do?

                What are your products & services

                Target customers

2. Company description

         Vision, mission, value proposition, business model, your business industry, business objectives 

3. Market analysis

           -Who is your Ideal customer

           -Potential size

           -Target market  (Location, income, age, gender)

          -Competitive Analysis

          -Profile competitors

         -***Include SWOT analysis in this part 

                  Strengths (internal),

                  Weaknesses (internal), 

                  Opportunities (external),

                  Threats (external)

4. Product or services

            -Describe services and what price

            -explain product or service & what it functions

5. Marketing and Sales Strategy

          -Define strategies to reach your target audience, strategies to actions, implementation and costs

6. Organization and Management

             -Team that runs it

             -identify team members and what they run

             -Can use organizational chart

7. Financial Plan

             -Historial and future

            -3 financial statements

            -***Use a bar graph here**

8. Appendix

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