Pico/picot question

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Remember, this is your “burning” clinical question you want an answer to.



  • Post your PICOT question.
  • Follow the Rubric instructions below to complete your PICOT Discussion Post.
  • Post your initial post by Wednesday, 1159, and respond to at least two of your colleagues/classmates by Saturday 1159.

Grading: A rubric is provided to explain the criteria for points and how you will be graded for your PICO/PICOT post.

  1. Patient Population of interest: What populations are you interested in?
  2. Intervention/Issue: What intervention are you interested in?
  3. Comparison Intervention: What will the intervention be compared to?
  4. Outcomes: What outcome do you want to see?
  5. Time: What time frame for or duration of the study?

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