phenomenon called six degrees of separation


Question 1

There is a phenomenon called “six degrees of separation” which states that every person on the planet is essentially six steps away from one another, by way of introduction. It has also been referred to as a “friend of a friend” network.

How can you explain or represent this theory in a mathematical way? In your opinion, is this a valid mathematical hypothesis? You can even try this out yourself by using a pair of celebrities. Feel free to draw this out in a graph (with a pencil and paper or in another format) and share your results with a peer.

Question 2

Every day you have thoughts that lead you to say and do things, as well as make certain decisions. The principles that guide the decisions that you make in life are called personal ethics. In this Module you have learned that sometimes a person’s personal code of ethics does not fall in line with the code of ethics used in his or her profession.

For this discussion:

  • Draft and share with the class your personal code of ethics.
  • Discuss how your behavior reflects these beliefs.
  • Where do your beliefs and view of your character come from? Why do you hold these beliefs?

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