persuade your audience to change a policy of a specific organization.


PURPOSE: The primary objective of this speech is to persuade your audience to change a policy of a specific organization. Your objective is to persuade. You are to share information clearly with your audience so that they receive the information, understand it and retain it. You are to pretend that you are a member of the organization who is speaking to a town hall gathering.


1.SPEAKER ORDER: The assignment is to be uploaded to moodle by June 18th at 11:00 est.

2.TIME LIMIT: 6 to 8 minutes. Your speech must not exceed 8 minutes nor be under 6 minutes or your grade will suffer. Time yourself in rehearsal so that you don’t go over or under time. If you go over time in practice, cut some material: don’t assume you’ll speed up during the actual presentation. If you go under time in practice, find some more material or add extra examples.

This speech is longer than your previous speeches.

3.TOPIC SELECTION: You cannot advocate the current policy.You can advocate doing more than what the present system is doing.You must use Monroe’s motivated sequence that is discussed in lecture.The motivated sequence is a specific outline format for this type of speech and your grade is heavily dependent on following this format.

4.SUPPORTING MATERIALS: Use your own knowledge of the topic first; then find outside published and/or interview sources to back up your points and enhance your credibility as a speaker. You must include a minimum of three outside sources of different types into this speech. Only one personal interview will count as a source.Remember it is imperative that you cite your sources orally during the speech where they occur, as well as in the bibliography that you turn in with your outline.

5.AUDIENCE ANALYSIS: Speaking effectiveness is greatly dependent upon how well you analyze your audience and adapt your speech to them. Review the audience analysis chapter in your text. Then reflect on your class audience–their demographics and their knowledge of and interest in your topic. The more personal, audience-centered the speech, the better the effect (and the grade).

6.ORGANIZATION & WRITTEN WORK: Structure your ideas and draft an outline, using supporting material for substance. The speech should follow the MMS outline given in class. The typed outline you hand in the day you speak should conform to the format discussed in class. Also turned in with the outline a bibliography of all sources used in your speech. For this format, refer to the MLA Style Manuel or to the APA Style Manual in the reference section of the library. Bibliographies that do not appear in either style will not be acceptable. You must also turn in the initialed topic sheet.

7.DELIVERY: This is NOT a manuscript speech: thus, you should not read your speech. Your notes should contain a brief outline of the speech or key words to cue your memory. Your best delivery is extemporaneous.

8.AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS: Audio-visual aids enhance any speech. You are not required to use them for this speech. But if you do decide to incorporate audio-visual aids into your speech refer to the textbook chapter on visual aids for tips on preparing and using themHandling aids poorly can undermine the best planned speech.

EVALUATION: I will be using the rubric that is posted for this assignment. It is very different than the ones I have used before because it relies heavily on evaluating how you use Monroe’s motivated sequence. Read through it and note the weight of points given to various aspects of the presentation. This speaking assignment is worth 100 points.

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