performance management technology

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Actually, as a human resource professional it is vital to understand performance management technology and e-compensation since the two functions are the foundation of the human resource sector and in the modern periods all the functions of the human resource sector is changing on the technology from manual work since it enables to saving time and humanizing the competence of the workforce and the efficiency of the work thus it is vital to comprehend how this works during the technology and the merits of the performance management technology are that it aids in raising the output and enabling the competitiveness through enabling the satisfaction of the workers by answering their concerns absolutely and in fair manner on the performance of the workers thus this helps in the following:

Scheduling work and forming expectations which comprises of the goals and objectives of the firm both from outside and inside environment

Incessantly evaluating performance in the organization through proper standards formation

Increasing the capacity of the workers to perform well through motivating them appropriately

Occasionally scoring performance in a summary fashion as per the working

Rewarding good performance



The Research Paper must be ten (10) pages in length and must include ALL of the following elements.


1. A description of the current controversies or challenges regarding the issue (why it is relevant for the study of public sector HRM)


2. A discussion of some comparative perspectives on the issue (how is the issue different in the public, private and nonprofit sectors; how is the issue different at the local, state or national level of government or in different regions of the country; OR how is the issue different in the United States than in other countries).


3. A review of best practices regarding this issue (describe how this issue is handled in a high performance organization or in a progressive jurisdiction).


4. A discussion of competencies Public Human Resource Management Administrators should have regarding this issue (essential knowledge, skills and abilities for effective human resource management on this issue).


NOT included in the ten (10) page count, but MUST be included in your Research Paper, are the following components:


1. A Title Page 2. An Abstract 3. Tables and Figures 4. References

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