Patient assessment

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Select one of the following and conduct an assessment.  Heart and Neck Vessels OR Peripheral Vascular System   You may conduct the assessment on a fellow student, friend, or family member. Remember to secure their permission.  Collect both subjective and objective data using the process described in the textbook. 

An example of a mouth assessment is attached. Due by 6pm this evening. Must be in APA format. 


Assessment of the Mouth

Assessment of the Mouth

This assessment of the mouth is being conducted on C. W. a 54-year-old female, A&O x 4 (person, place, time, situation) post patient’s verbalized consent. This patient has no complaints and denies pain currently. Starting with the lips, I observed their color, symmetry, texture, and moisture. Lips are pink and moist, with no indication of dry or cracked lips, associated with dehydration or pale lips possibly associated with anemia. No lesions, moles, inflammation, and are symmetric to face showing no signs of secondary occurrences such as drooping of the face r/t stroke. During this examination, no foul odor due to poor oral hygiene, and no fruity smelling breathe showing signs of hyperglycemia-DKA. Next, examination of the teeth and gums. No missing teeth, patient displays no signs of concerning gum disease such as gingivitis. Tongue is midline, with uvula reactive and in place. Oral hygiene intact indicating good general dental hygiene and habits (Jarvis, 2019). Gums appear pink and moist and distinctly to border the of teeth. The tongue moves freely and appear in a midline position in the mouth. No indication of fungal growths, no discoloration noted. Trigeminal nerve intact.



Jarvis, C. (2019). Physical Examination and Health Assessment E-Book. Elsevier Health Sciences.

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