Part 1 – Consider the audience

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Wrtg291 Week 6 Discussion Assignment

Part 1 – Consider the audience

Throughout the process of researching, a writer familiarizes himself/herself with research and information about a topic. She/he strives to become knowledgeable about the current research conversations and ideas occurring. However, when getting ready to present research, it is useful to remember that the audience may not have any background information about the research in question. For more information on this idea, please view the video “How To Incorporate Audience Into Your Writing.”

Task: To post a short reflection that discusses how to interpret the research material for an unfamiliar audience.

Objective: To evaluate and improve the current writing and research on the topic in the Personal Research Narrative.

  1. Develop some strategies that you will apply to the Personal Research Narrative to help an unfamiliar audience to understand the topic.
  1. Post a short paragraph that shares the strategies below.
  1. Please respond generously to at least two of your peers.

Part 2 – Refining the draft

Choose one section of your Personal Research Narrative. Using the Three Step Revision video and the material contained in The Final Draft page, develop three questions that you would like answered about the section that you post.

Task: Post a section of the Personal Research Narrative. Develop and post questions designed to help revise that section.

Objective: To develop the final draft of the Personal Research Narrative

  1. Choose a section of the Personal Research Narrative
  1. Develop questions to help you to revise it. (i.e., Is this section clear?)
  1. Post the section and the questions for your peers.
  1. Please read over two of your peer’s posted sections and questions and provide a generous response.

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