paper due sunday midnight about leader ship styles and behaviors

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This course project is designed to allow students to apply knowledge gained in class to solving a practical organizational problem related to organizational behavior. Each group will select an organizational problem covered in class, and develop a practical solution and your group is going to write about “Leader Ship: Styles and Behaviors.”

I included the statement of the problem If you were asked who you felt was a great leader it wouldn.docx 

What I need form you is to do

1.Potential (or Actual) Causes of the Problem (3 pages):

This section should review research (and practical) evidence concerning the potential causes of the problem. Here, the group should seek out research and practical articles that discuss factors that lead to the problem. In addition, this section of the paper should lay the groundwork for potential organizational responses to the problem. In essence, this portion of the report provides the scientific evidence upon which to base the group’s response. 

2.Solution Implementation ( 3 pages):

 This section should introduce the group’s suggested solutions to the problem based on the research and practical literature reviewed in section “4” above. Here, the group should not only describe in detail the solution they plan to implement to address the problem, but present research/practical evidence that supports the potential success of the tactics to be used. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of implementing the solution to organizations should be emphasized. 

**a couple of references that might be helpful. You can also check the reference list at the end of each paper to find more research references to help.   LMX2012.pdf  Leader mistreatment%2c employee hostility%2c and deviant behaviors.pdf 

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