Palestinian Children & Today They Took My Son Film Analytical Review

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Paper format:

  • Double space, 12 point font, 1 inch margins word or PDF file can be uploaded here on this assignment
  • Undergrads: 3 pages (max. 5 pages)

Introduction and opinion:

  • Film title, topic, release date
  • Summary of the story, rising action, climax
  • Accuracy of the depiction
  • Use of sources, people/characters, locations
  • Creative elements:
  • Use of color, camera techniques, mood and tone
  • Your opinion: Make sure to clearly state your own opinion about the film

Urban and Architectural analysis

  • What spatial elements are uses in establishing shots?
  • What Iconic urban elements are used?
  • Private and public spaces that are depicted?
  • What are some important long shots and close ups as it relates to the space the film is set in?
  • How are urban and architectural elements used to connote particular cultural and/or political narratives about the location?

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