OU Effect of Rational Emotive Approach in Human Behavior Discussion

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InstructionsUse the four steps on pages 247–251 of textbook for this activity.The assignment needs to be 400-420 words long without the assignment description.You need to double space the assignment.Activity:Choose an important situation in which you experience debilitative emotions that interfere with your ability to communicate effectively. Use the four steps on pages 247–251 to reappraise the rationality of your beliefs. Report on how the rational-emotive approach affects your communication in this important situation.

1. Briefly describe from personal experience an example from a relationship where you experienced debilitative emotions. Identify the emotional fallacy that you experienced. See pages 247-250 for an overview of emotional fallacies.

2. Monitor the emotional reactions that you experienced. See page 240 that provides descriptive terms for emotions.

3. Note the activating event and briefly describe it here.

4. Next, dispute the irrational belief.

5. Change your self-talk

6. How effective would you rate the rational emotive approach? How can this technique help you to manage debilitative emotions that you might encounter?

The book link:

Adler, R. B., Rosenfeld, L. B., & Proctor, R. F. (2018). Interplay: The process of interpersonal communication. Oxford University Press, USA.

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