OSU Data Presentation Discussion

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The process of peer review is critical to the work and continued development of the scholar. Over the next few courses in the program, and throughout the dissertation process, you will need to critically evaluate the work of others, and your work will be reviewed by others many times. If you submit your dissertation for publication in a journal, your work will be reviewed by peers, and this process will continue if you engage in additional research after graduation. Understanding the process of peer review, and being open to giving and receiving feedback, will strengthen your writing and research abilities.

Assignment Requirements:

Step One: Reflective Posting with Presentation Attached (Do this Monday!)

Compose a one page discussion board post reflecting on the process of entering, analayzing, interpreting, and presenting your data set. Discuss any challenges and explain what growth areas you believe you need to continue working on related to these skills. Explain how you will use these skills during the development of your critical assignment and for your ongoing growth as a professional after the program is over. Finally, attach your presentation to this discussion board posting.

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