Original Research Article Summary

CSE463: Original Research Article Summary For this assignment, you will summarize an original research article involving HCI. To do this, you will pick an article from the articles listed in the Module 4 Research Article Summary folder on Blackboard (under Course Resources) and answer the questions below. To create the summary, follow the guidelines below. Be sure to use the same headers in your summary. Please, create a SINGLE PDF file and use the following format for the file name: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_MODULE4.PDF REFERENCE Please indicate which article you reviewed. INTRODUCTION In 3-4 sentences, summarize the general findings from each previous study discussed in the introduction. When appropriate, identify the participants, the measures and what was done (describe generally) in each of these previous studies. If later studies in the introduction have similar procedures and findings just say that. Summarize, in your own words, the hypotheses being tested in the research study you are reading. What were the authors attempting to show? What are the independent variables or IVs and the dependent variables or DVs of this study? METHOD Participants Who were the participants – describe appropriate characteristics. Describe the number of participants and the numbers assigned in each condition. Be sure to indicate whether they were randomly assigned to condition. Conditions What was/were the independent variable(s)? How were they operationalized? Measures What was/were the dependent variable(s)? What tests, scales or instruments were used to operationally define each DV? Procedure Describe, in your own words, what was done to collect data. You should be able to do this in a just a few sentences. Describe any attempts made to control confounds or extraneous variables. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Don’t use numbers here but summarize in words what the authors found. What were the major results? Did they find support for their hypotheses? How do the results relate to the other studies cited in the introduction? How did the researchers interpret the results; what are their overall conclusions? Did they offer any big “whoops” statements – something that went wrong that makes them (or you) hesitate with their conclusions? Explain the key implications of the results. Do they offer suggestions for future research? Do you have any other interpretations or suggestions for future research? CONCLUSIONS In your own words, what did this study tell you? What were the important conclusions that you might use later? Add anything else that you think is important to know about this research.

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