Opening Paragraph, reference page, and journal 3 for gun rights ARGUMENTATION ACADEMIC RESEARCH ESSAY APA FORMAT

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Create an opening paragraph for supporting gun rights in America for Argumentation Academic Research Essay APA Format. Please use attached journal 2 (thesis), feedback for journal 2, and rubric to complete this part.


Journal this week on your personal examination of your argument, the logic you used to build it. Reflect on the process, what was difficult and what came easily, and how argument mapping confirmed for you the strength of your argument or shed light on some gaps in logic, those weak spots which would cause your argument to fall short of your goal: to write a compelling, logical argument in support of your claim. Make sure to provide examples (a basic tool for strong writing). Journal 2 with its feedback is attached so you can read it and know what the paper is about.


Reference page for your academic argument project. The sources are listed below, make sure to turn them into APA format. Use attached document: APA Lab references answer key.docx to help with this part.

-Gabor, T. (2016). Gun Deaths: The USA versus the World. In Confronting Gun Violence in

America (pp. 39-50). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

-Jaffe, S. (2018). Gun violence research in the USA: the CDC’s impasse.

-Stroebe, W., Leander, N. P., & Kruglanski, A. W. (2017). Is it a dangerous world out there? The

motivational bases of American gun ownership. Personality and social psychology bulletin, 43(8), 1071-1085.

-Blocher, Joseph. “Gun Rights Talk.” BUL Rev. 94 (2014): 813.

-Farrell, Kirby. “Killing the Killer: Rampage and Gun Rights as a Syndrome.” Interdisciplinary Handbook of Trauma and Culture. Springer, Cham, 2016. 353-363.

-Richards, Robert. “The role of interest groups and group interests on gun legislation in the US House.” Social Science Quarterly 98.2 (2017): 471-484.

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