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Online Video Tutorial Assignment Guidelines


One of your group members Mr.Flying Bird has been send to a foreign country for a work assignment. Mr. Flying Bird requested each of you in the team to help him with the class material in his absence of course in exchange for some gifts on his return. Mr. Flying Bird will have access to the Internet while he is away. So, each one of you agreed to send him a video of the various topics the instructor covered in class. Mr. Flying Bird loses his Internet connection every 5 minutes, so any video longer than 5 minutes will be difficult to play and will result in negative marking by the instructor.


Create one video tutorial (no more than 5 minutes) at can be accessed online by Mr. Flying Bird and the other members of the group. A video of power point with your voice in the background. Please make sure to create a “link” to the video file


What is the marketing mix? Should the marketing mix be changed for each market?

Note: I only need the powerpoint, I will record my voice in the background. Just make sure it will be around 4 minutes when I read.

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