One page well-written papers that fully analyze the “Laundry” by Bruce Smith(Poems)

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Reading Requirement: the poem “Laundry”by Bruce Smith…

In a one page paper, you must present an organized and structured literary analysis of the passage.

a. The purpose of the essay is to discuss the themes, issues, and symbolism that you view as significant within the text, as represented by this passage. In other words, your essay is a close reading and analysis of a particular passage, and your essay will analyze this passage. Your essay may cite other passages from the text as well as the initial passage.

b. Your paper must be one page in length; Format: times new roman Size: 8 Single space

c. Need a good thesis and make an argument and analyze it.

d.This analysis paper should be focused on Theme:

Does the poem deal with a theme? What is that theme? what is the purpose for using this theme? What message does the theme convey? How do you know this is the message?(Examples of themes: death, sacrifice, war. etc.)

For more requirement, check the file which I upload.

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