NYITMC Marketing Automation Software Assessment Exercise

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Marketing Automation Software Assessment

The following video describes some of the best and most modern marketing automation technologies in the market today to serve a variety of businesses and companies:

Your task on this assignment is to pick on of the 5 marketing automation platforms identified in the video and conduct a brief research report paper on the software. The following questions should be answered:

  1)  Who is the company and what is a brief background of the company?
       A) When did they start?
       B) What types of industries can you find leverage them?
       C) What is their overall mission statement?
   2) What are any testimonials you can find about the automation company? If you cannot find a testimonial, what did the video and other sources say is the strength of the automation tool?
   3) What do you think are the competitive advantages of the company compared to other marketing automation tools? Pick at least one other marketing automation tool and identify at least 2 differentiators that makes the one you picked better.
   4) Pick an example of any clothing brand company of your choice, and write a brief example of how you would pitch to them to adopt this marketing automation technology.

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