Nutrition & hydration

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1. Cure / care: compare and contrast.

2. Basic care: Nutrition, hydration, shelter, human interaction.

o Are we morally obliged to this? Why? Example

3. Swallow test, describe; when is it indicated?

4. When is medically assisted N/H indicated?

o Briefly describe Enteral Nutrition (EN), including:

§ NJ tube

§ NG tube


o Briefly describe Parenteral Nutrition (PN), including:

§ a. Total parenteral nutrition

§ b. Partial parenteral nutrition

5. Bioethical analysis of N/H; state the basic principle and briefly describe the two exceptions.

6. Case Study: Terry Schiavo (EXCEL FILE on Module 6: Lecture Materials & Resources page). Provide a bioethical analysis of her case; should we continue with the PEG or not? Why yes or why not?

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