nr 446 collab exam 1 leadership 50 questions and answers!rated a+

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1. A nurse assumes a variety of roles while working with clients, which of the following describes the nurses role protecting the client and supporting the clients decisions?

2. A nurse is preparing to administer prescribed medication to a client to demonstrate advocacy, which action should the nurse include in the clients plan of care?

3. A nurse is in the providers office returns a telephone call by the end of the day as promised, to a client who is worried about the outcome of their lab results. Nurse is demonstrating which of the ethical principals?

4. A nurse on the medical surgical unit is assigning task to an AP. Which of the following task to delegate to the AP (select all the apply)      

5. A nurse is preparing to administer an enternal feeding via NG, Identify the correct sequence the nurse should follow to initiate the feeding? (move the steps)

6. One of the most commonly used tools in stratigic planning in healthcare organizations in SWOT analyze. What does O mean?

7. A hospital is implementing a new electronic medical records in system. Which factor is the greatest contribution to the resistance encounter with the organizational change?

8. During medication administration a nurse is hit by a client who is confused and uncoorative. The nurse ask the charge if risk restraints can be applied. Apply wrist restraints to a client is an example of which type of tort?

9. A nurse is reviewing a providers prescriptions for four clients, Which is outside the label scope of practice for the nurse.

10. A nurse is reviwing information about the health insurance proberbility and accountability (HIPAA) with newly licensed RN. Which of the following statements by the new RN indicate need further instruction?

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