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please see assignment

Week 2 discussion 1 page

1. Who are the useful informants for a doctor diagnosing a child who may have ADHD and why?

2. What non-pharmacological treatment has been useful in treating children with ADHD?

Assignment please see direction

You are working in a community health center as a NP. Although you see children for mental health, you will also see children for some basic “bridge” care until primary care providers have openings. If the medical issue is complex then the clinic coordinator will escalate the referral for quicker appointment scheduling.

Presentation Ellie, who is 6-years old, has come to the clinic with a suspected ear infection and as referral for her daughter’s behaviors. Ellie’s mother says that her daughter has been rocking rhythmically and clutching her ear at the same time. There has been some moisture on her pillow in the morning and Ellie is reluctant to let her mother investigate what is wrong.

Ellie is attempting to rock while she is seated on her mother’s knee and uses the same repetitive vocalization, “Don’t wanna go to the shops” over and over again.

She has a history of speech delay but can now complete many full sentences. She has also had some behavior and attention issues in school. She disrupts the teacher often and then gets up from her seat during focus time to go to play centers. She is not easily redirected and becomes argumentative.

She feels hot to touch and will not let healthcare practitioners approach her with any equipment. Her vocalization becomes louder and more insistent when you attempt examination.

Recognizing possible autism as well as some ADHD diagnosis criteria discuss next steps in the answers to the questions.

te a 2-3 page paper answering the following questions. Be sure to include a minimum of two scholarly articles to support your discussion.

1. Discuss autism and ADHD diagnostic criteria.

2. How should you approach examining Ellie as a child, and strive to gain her trust?

3. You suspect that autism may be a possibility. What should you do to ensure that your suspicions are correct and how should you go about referring Ellie to the local autism team?

4. Ellie is showing signs and symptoms that may overlap between autism and ADHD. How do you differentiate autism from ADHD based on diagnostic criteria?


Nurse Practice Act 1 page

Review the American Association for Nurse Practitioners State Practice Environment Map (AANP) and determine your state’s color — green, yellow, or red. Then review the Nurse Practice Act and Advanced Practice Act in your state to assist you in answering the questions listed below:

Determine your state’s practice environment color — green, yellow, or red.

Discuss how your state is an independent practice or practice restricted state.

Describe the prescriptive authority for your state.

(For California students) Review the CA standardized procedures requirement of NPs and discuss the meaning of standardized procedures (California BRN — Standardized Procedures Guideline).

Assignment unit 2

Discuss the role differences between an RN and APRN-NP, focusing on the psych NP role as much as possible. What is the PMHNP role in health policy and public awareness of psychiatric mental health trends and issues? How do your PMHNP program and the ANCC PMHNP board certification ensure you are prepared to practice professionally as a PMHNP?

· Title page (APA format)

· Introduction to RN to APRN-NP role transition

· Discuss the differences in nursing roles of RN and APRN-NP.

· Discuss potential differences/challenges regarding ethical issues.

· Discuss role of PMHNP in health policy and public awareness of psychiatric mental health trends and issues.

· Preparation as a PMHNP through education and certification

· Conclusion

You will submit a brief, 3- to 5-page paper discussing the role differences between an RN and APRN-NP.

Your assignment should:

· follow the conventions of Standard English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.);

· be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;

· display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics; and

· use APA formatting and citation style.

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