North Lake College Adjustment Grant Business Correspondence Critique Discussion

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In the template above, you will be given an example of a poorly written “Good News (Adjustment Grant)” message. Read the situation, analyze the ineffective message, and think about how it could be revised using the strategies you have learned in class and in your textbook.


Using the template above, your task is to (1) make comments on, (2) critique, and (3) revise the message:

  1. Comment. Make comments on the example message (what was good and bad in the message?)
    • How to Make Comments in Word with the Revision Tool:
      • Select parts of the message (e.g. words, sentences) that you would like to make comments on.
      • Click on the “Review” Tab in Word.
      • Click the “New Comment” button.
      • Write your comments – what is wrong with what you have highlighted and what can be improved?
  2. Critique. Write a summary of your critique from the comments (organize into a discussion) and write an outline for revisions.
  3. Revise. Write a revision of the message.
    • You can invent people’s names, addresses, details, etc. when necessary BUT do not change the core information provided in the original message.

General Guidelines: Use the Template!

If you do not use the template as instructed, I will deduct up to 10 points.

  • Keep everything in the template as shown. The only things you should change in the template are:
    • The text in each critique section
    • The text in each revision section
  • This assignment has a maximum limit of 2 pages (as shown in the template).
  • Make sure you write in paragraphs and in full sentences.
  • You are allowed to include bullet points when applicable.
  • Your goal should be to make your message both efficient and effective – be kind to the reader.
  • The purpose of this assignment is to show your understanding of the theories learned in class, so please make sure you include appropriate terminology.

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