Nonverbal Communication Discussion

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Before you start the discussion, please review your research and feedback from last week’s discussion in your groups. This week’s assignment has the purpose to identify one communication challenge that can be identified for the topic that group has chosen.

Contribute your initial post to our discussion by Thursday, 11:59 p.m. In your post please include the following, which will be worth 6 points and needs to be 180-220 words minimum:

  • Provide one example from personal experience and relate this to a communication problem that could occur in your chosen topic.
    If you do no not have personal experience, then use from somebody that you have known, or an article from your research. If you use an example from your research, you need to list the MLA citation at ending of your post and check that no other group member has already used the same resource. Whoever posts first reserves that source.
  • See the Group Presentation assignment that gives the example of poor listening habits for married couple. Please use examples that you have not used in last week’s discussion.
  • What could be a solution to communication problem that you identified in your example? Use the textbook or your research to provide suggestions to resolve this problem.

Reply to one other post in the discussion for 4 points total. This needs to be 100 words minimum.

In your reply, extend the conversation in approximately 100 and deepen our understanding of the topic as it relates to topic of group presentation.

Please post your initial discussion in a timely manner so that your group members have ample time to respond. Please respond to at least one post in this discussion by Saturday, 11:59 p.m.

chosen topic: nonverbal communication

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