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  • In this topic, we’ll be discussing the readings from Week One. Please remember that for every week, you must post at least once, and respond to at least two other student responses. You may, of course, post more often, but this is the MINIMUM requirement for this portion of the class.A reminder, each post should be @500 words, and replies to other students’ posts should be @250 words. Be sure to tell me what you know of the reading, and not just what you think of the topic!
    • Post 1 – The first discussion board post of the week should lay out your initial reaction to the reading you’ve done so far, including critical comments and thoughtful analysis.
    • Post 2 – This post should be a response to another student’s post, either directly to that student, or in response to another student’s response.
    • Post 3 – This post can either be a further response to the reading or a continuation of a conversation with another student from class.

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Order a Similar Paper Order a Different Paper