Nintendo of America (FOE Case Write Up)

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Nintendo of America is based in Washington State but is from Japan, please use this company for the project. Thank you!

Appendix 3: Rubric for Individual Case Write up (attach this page to your written report)

Individual case write up (6 pages in double space, 20% of the grade)

The Individual case write up should be about an FOE and not an American owned firm. The firm should manage an FDI operation in a division/state which was the subject of your group project.

1: Executive Summary: (about 300 words, this page not counted towards page limit) 2 points):

2. Background of the FOE: (2 pages, 5 points)

i). Company background, parent company (if any) nature of its primary business, its domestic & international operations; product/service focus;

(ii). Firm’s objective for investing in the USA; mode of entry (JV, M&A, subsidiary or any other); dollar value of US FDI; ownership of the FOE (is it private/family owned or publicly listed in US stock exchange or in other foreign stock market?);

3. FOE operations in the USA: (about 4 pages, 10 points)

(i). Firm’s organization structure, key management personnel; its website; and its operational strategies, including international & domestic sales;

(ii). Firm’s major manufacturing/ service activities in the USA;

(iii).Firm’s contribution to employment since its inception in the US;

(iv). Firm’s R&D investment & linkages with US institutions, etc,

(v). Any future plans in the USA?

4.Comments & summary: (about 1 page, 3 points):

Critical comments and summary of the case write up

Credit will be given for good writing & bibliography: Provide evidence of having reviewed firm’s website and other sources, including publications;

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