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Read and follow these guidelines carefully!

( After you find the article that you are going to write about, please tell me what is it about because I have to show it to my professor for approval )

What is a News Reflection Paper?
You should find a current news article (published since August 2016) and analyze how the news event is related to specific concepts in psychology. In your paper, write approximately three double-spaced pages in which you do the following:

  1. 1) Specify the source information (title, author, newspaper or news magazine, date of publication) for your news article and summarize the content of the article;
  2. 2) Specify at least two fields of psychology that your article content falls into and explain why it relates to these fields. In your explanation, be sure to describe the nature of your two selected fields in general and also to use specific content from the new article.
  3. 3) Explain in detail how your news event connects to at least THREE distinct course concepts, theories, or research findings. Be sure that you make your connections to specific—rather than more general—course concepts. For example, conditioning is a general concept, operant conditioning is more specific, and negative reinforcement is even more specific. The more specific you make your course concept connections, the better. Also be sure to provide the page number from the text for the course concepts you use in your paper.
  4. 4) Explain why the topic you selected is interesting to you and important in general.

What is an Appropriate News Article?

  • Your news article should be current (something reported since August 2016).
  • Your news article should be from a reputable print (or online) news source. By reputable, I meansources such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, or other major newspapers or news magazines. Popular magazines (like Vogue and Essence) and tabloids (like The National Inquirer) are NOT acceptable sources.
  • Your article must be from a news source and NOT from an academic journal (such as The Journal of Psychology or The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology). Also note that popular magazines about psychology (such as Psychology Today) are NOT acceptable sources.
  • I strongly recommend that you begin searching for your news article right away and that you show it to me for approval before you turn in your paper. You will lose a significant number of points if you analyze an article that is not appropriate for this assignment.

Searching for Appropriate News Articles
An excellent online database to search for appropriate news articles is Newspaper Source Plus, which can

  • Feel free to explore other ways of searching Newspaper Source Plus or other news databases suchas LexisNexis Academic.
  • Other good online sources include:
  • The New York Times (
  • The Washington Post (

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