Negative Message Positive Tone Writing Assignment

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You are the CEO of a Maryland based credit bureau. On April 1, 2020, the credit bureau with more than 1.5 million records had its databases hacked. The records hacked included name, address, phone numbers, credit account numbers and social security numbers. The hackers downloaded 250,000 records before the bureau stopped the incursion into its system. You are tasked with writing a letter notifying customers of the data breach. Review Maryland Annotated Code, Commercial Law, Sections 14-3501 to 3505 for details of what the credit bureau should do if it has a personal data security breach.

Part I – Written Evaluation

You will need to draft a targeted email/memo that communicates the information to the impacted customers.

Your communication should follow the following framework:


Bad news/explanations/details

Positive close


When you present your information, I will be evaluating your ability to give a negative message while using a positive tone.

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