Need to complete Q6 and Q7.

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Company is Guess?Inc.

  • Assessment of Risk and Return on Capital Budget. Based on the information in the firm’s most recent 10-K and/or Annual Report, 10-Q Report, paper identifies one or two long-term projects being undertaken by the firm with a focused discussion on (1) how the project could add value and/or growth to the firm in the long run, (2) the potential risks of the project to the firm, including financial implications and (3) how the firm can mitigate any perceive risks. 30 to 50 points. -3 page
  • Analysis of the Sales Forecasts for the Current Year and Beyond, and Implications on Cash Inflows. Research identifies data on the firm’s estimated sales forecasts/projections and new market openings in the previous year’s forecast for this year, and in the most recent quarter (Form 10-Q), CEO Conference Call, other credible Internet sources, and discusses the seasonal patterns including potential financial, business and operating risks of the forecast that could affect the cash inflows of the firm. 30 to 50 points. -3 page

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