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Work Independently

Step 1:

A ferris wheel is an amusement park ride comprised of a large wheel rotating on an axis. There are cars or compartments where people can sit or stand that are evenly spaced about the circumference of the circle. The wheel rotates slowly taking passengers on a ride around the circumference of the circle. 

Please select one of the following famous ferris wheels to research:

  1. Star of Nanchang

You will need to find the diameter and number of compartments (or cars) for the one you chose in order to be able to complete the calculations section of the assessment. Once you have your information, move on to step 2.

Step 2:

Complete the following tasks and calculations. You must show all work and steps to receive full credit.

  1. Name of the ferris wheel  –  Star of Nanchang
  2. Diameter of the wheel (in meters)  –
  3. Number of cars or compartments  –
  4. Circumference of the wheel (in meters)  –
  5. Area of the wheel (in meters)  –
  6. Measure of a central angle in degrees  –
  7. Measure of a central angle in radians  –
  8. Arc length between two cars or compartments  –
  9. Area of a sector between two cars or compartments  –

Step 3:

  1. If a smaller replica of the ferris wheel was constructed, what conclusions could you draw about the central angle of the original wheel and replica? What conclusions could you draw about the arc length of the original ferris wheel and replica?
  2. Imagine the center of the ferris wheel is located at (0, 0) on a coordinate grid and the radius lies on the x-axis. Write an equation of a circle for your ferris wheel, and sketch an image of what your ferris wheel would look like on the grid.

show work 

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