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Project Description:
You are the Human Resources Director for ABC Global Management Firm (“ABC Global”), an
international consulting firm established in 2013. ABC Global provides accounting, marketing, audit,
human resources, and operational support to privately owned companies in the North America.
ABC Global has experienced rapid customer growth over the last two years and recently received
projections reflecting annual customer growth at a rate of 20% over the next five years.
ABC Global’s Human Resources Department was originally staffed with one HR Manager and two HR
Analysts. To date, there has been no mention how the current HR Department will support the company’s
interest in globalization.
The Board of Directors for ABC Global welcomes the projected customer growth and wants to take the
firm international. The vast number of services offered by ABC Global is attractive to international firms
because of the immediate access to qualified personnel.
Currently, all operations and personnel are managed in North America. Results from ABC Global’s recent
diversity survey indicate that only 7% of the entire employee population is ethnicities other than
ABC Global hired you to oversee the reorganization of their current HR Department and develop a
strategic plan that will accommodate the anticipated growth over the next five years.
Your assignment for this project is to develop a strategic plan to present to the Board of Directors within
30 days.
You strategic plan should include the following, at a minimum:
  Conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis on the current
HR Department.
  List and describe the results of the SWOT Analysis
  List and describe your stakeholders that will be impacted
  List and describe members of your HR Triad
  Describe what responsibilities you will assign to members of your HR Triad (Ref. Chapter 1-6)
  Describe the concerns you must consider for all of the stakeholders you have identified
  Create an integrated framework that outlines ABC Global’s external environment, organizational
environment, activities for managing Human Resources and stakeholder objectives to be satisfied
(Ref. Pg. 14)
  List and describe the HR policies you need to develop to ensure ABC Global’s success
o  Describe your methodology for implementing new HR policies
  Describe two External Environment and two Organizational Environment factors that will impact
the company the most during expansion. (Ref. Pg. 37)
o  You must inform the Board of Directors of any trade organization agreements, laws and
regulations that should be considered and why. (Ref. Pg. 85)
P a g e  | 2
o  You must also inform the Board of Directors of countries whose culture would closely
align to the existing culture at ABC Global. (Ref. Pg. 52 Exhibit 2.7)
1.  A documented strategic plan that includes all of the elements described above, at a minimum.
Your Strategic Plan should be in APA or MLA format and no more than 10 pages, excluding your
citation page.
a.  You are to incorporate the learning objectives from the textbook to format a detailed and
results-driven strategic plan. DO NOT exceed the use of 6 direct quotes, in total, from
all references cited. You should have the ability to apply the information that you have
learned up to this point without the use of direct quotes from the text specifically.
2.  Develop a slide presentation, using PowerPoint, to present a summary of your strategic plan. The
presentation should be between 7-10 slides and should take between 8-12 minutes to presentation.
The class and I will serve as the Board of Directors.*
Grading Criteria:
1.  SWOT Analysis (25 pts)
2.  HR Triad Table (25 pts)
3.  Documented Strategic Plan to Board of Directors (Paper) (100 pts)
4.  Presentation (100 pts)
a.  Content
b.  Design
c.  Delivery
d.  Presentation Time

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