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  • Paper is due October 28, 2018 and Annotated is due October 15, 2018 @ 8:00 pm

Length: 5 full pages required, plus a Works Cited Page

Format: MLA

Audience: Academic

  • Students will recall the various developmental writing methods and organizational structures and use Standard English guidelines to create a college level research paper.
  • Students will understand the audience and appropriate tone to create a persuasive and believable argument that avoids attacking the opposition but instead understands the opposition and aims for compromise.
  • Students will apply the rules of argumentation, including avoiding fallacies and bias.
  • Students will analyze the different sides of an issue in current events for understanding, evaluate two opposing claims and form a solution that would compromise between the two viewpoints.
  • Students will evaluate the relative worth of outside sources and their usefulness in the research and application to the arguments presented.
  • Students will compose a well-developed argumentative essay that integrates short quotes and summaries/paraphrases applying correct MLA documentation.
  • Assignment:
    You may if you wish use the same issue that you explored in the first paper. However, remember that this is a separate paper and different assignment. Follow instructions for this paper closely. If you do use the same topic as the first paper, you will be able to condense and revise the first paper to fit only section IV of this paper. You will still have to conduct new research for the paper and write a considerable amount to cover the rest of the paper.
    Your topic is a current problem in the world. After narrowing down your topic to a specific concern with the problem, your paper would then present two opposing viewpoints, then a compromise between the two viewpoints that would potentially solve the problem. You may not write about abortion, religion (creationism vs. evolution), gay marriage, marijuana legalization, or euthanasia/physician-assisted suicide.

  • I do have the old paper but it was not all that great totally up to you if you would like to use it

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