Need help with my writing homework on The Issue of Network Concepts. Write a 1250 word paper answering;

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Need help with my writing homework on The Issue of Network Concepts. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Issue networks are policy network types characterized by a wide range of fluctuations in the level of agreement, affected interests, contacts, and access. The networks also show elements of unequal resource distribution and variable abilities in delivering member support and unequal power distribution for group members. The concept is different from the consolidated policy communities. The issue network concepts characterize various political practices adding to and intervening in representative national democracies’ political characteristics and the international systems. The perception of described issues and lifestyle politics is pursued by grassroots individuals and organizations to mobilize around affairs affecting people in daily lives. This is fetched from gender issues and media ownership (Koliba,&nbsp.Meek & Zia, 2010). The Issue networks term is applied to professionalized practices called NGOs, which have notable advocacy aspects.

The notion serves as a highlight of open-ended alliances developed through non-governmental organizations working to common social, humanitarian, and environmental issues. This is an attempt to put the issues on the political institution’s agenda. The contemporary application of issue networks represents respect for radical breaks based on the classic definition. In modern political environments, this concept is considered affirmative as it is a denotation of political organizations that are compatible with liberal democracy. However, the American political scientists observed inconsistencies with criticism on the new politics of NGOs’ issues. The brand of politics caused a weakened democracy, while the relevance considered origin as an issue network. This is a reminder that the focus deals with a political intervention mode (Wilson & Petersilia, 2011).

Issue niche theory observes that segments that refrain from forming alliances&nbsp.with subsequent groups in areas that can avoid trends that blur distinct identities have increased failure opportunities.

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