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This assignment requires a resume using the CSU-Global Project Manager template and the completion of the Capstone Career Plan.

I have attached the following as well:

My previous resume used when being hired to my current position with the Walmart Distribution Center, located in Lagrange, GA. My date of hire was March 25, 2019 – Present

I have also attached my job description of my current position with Walmart. (This position is not included in my current resume) It should be noted that the job description is very simplistic / elementary.

When adding my current position with Walmart to the CSU-Global Project Manager template I would like to embellish my duties and responsibilities to fit that of a future position as a Construction Project Manager. It should be factual, as this resume will be used when applying to positions in the very near future.

Resume (35 Points)

Use the CSU-Global Project Manager template to create your resume.

Career Plan (40 Points)

Using the Career Plan Template, develop a career plan. The
information in the career plan should be as specific as possible. Fill
out every section of the Career Plan Template. Your final career plan
submission should be well written and free of errors.

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