Need help to write responses to the prompts using 1–2 paragraphs per prompt.

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1. Observation and Description
a. Describe the observed instructional setting, including grade level, student characteristics,

number of students, seating arrangement, and any other criteria necessary to present
the instructional setting.

b. Describe any conceptual or computational errors experienced by the observed students.

2. Analysis, Exploration, and Reasoning
a. Analyze the observed teacher’s possible purpose for a specific mathematics strategy.

3. Connections to Other Effective Teaching Practices
a. Explain how a teaching strategy used by the observed teacher could be applied to

instruction in another content area.

4. Evaluation
a. Assess the delivery of the observed mathematics instruction and its impact on the rate of

student errors.

b. Explain the thinking process you went through to complete this evaluation.

5. Recommendations
a. Describe at least one alternative mathematics instructional strategy that could positively

affect the level of student learning.
b. Justify your choices of recommendations.

6. Personal Meaning and Professional Growth
a. Predict how you could avoid the student and/or teacher misconceptions you observed.

b. Explain the elements you considered as you formulated ideas regarding personal and/or
professional implications. 

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