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help me to write the answer for whole question

you need to write like essay questions

  • Why is the traditional family a myth? How do current families differ from a traditional family?
  • What is the relationship between families and work? How might work actually cause changes in family structure?
  • According to Annette Lareau, how might families socialize children in ways the promote and reproduce inequality?
  • What are the various functions of schooling? Describe each.
  • What are some of Shamus Khan’s major insights about education?
  • According to Michael Hout, why did higher education expand after WWII? What happened in the 1970s that slowed the expansion? What was the consequences of the the changes that occurred in the 1970s?
  • Why is there a rising return on investing in a college education according to Michael Hout? Despite the potential return, why do only about 30% of the population complete a bachelors degree?
  • What is the basic argument of the Collins reading?
  • What were Adam Smith’s ideas surrounding the rise of capitalism?
  • What were Georg Simmel’s ideas surrounding the rise of capitalism?
  • What were Karl Marx’s ideas surrounding the rise of capitalism
  • What were Max Weber’s ideas surrounding the rise of capitalism?
  • How are the experiences of Americans under capitalism different from those in other industrialized countries?
  • What are some of the main concerns surrounding corporations?
  • What were Godart’s and Mear’s main takeaways from their study of cultural producers?
  • What is power? What are the various kinds of legitimate power?
  • What were the various kinds of citizenship rights identified by Marshall?
  • Compare and contrast Hobbes and Locke in terms of their views on the purpose of government.
  • How is power organized within the United States?
  • Emerson Reading Questions:
    • What is the recurrent flaw that Emerson identifies in common conceptions of social power?
    • Why does Emerson think that personal traits (e.g., money or skills) have no place in a general theory of power?
    • What is the difference between balanced and unbalanced reciprocal power-dependence relationships?
    • How does Emerson see cohesion?
    • What are cost reductions and how do affect power-dependency relationships?
    • What are balancing operations in power-dependency relations? Identify and describe each.
  • What is religion and how does it relate the sacred and profane?
  • What are the three categories of religion. Describe each.
  • What is secularism and how does it relate to atheism and/or agnosticism?
  • Compare Marx, Durkheim, and Weber in terms of their interest in religion.
  • What is the church-sect cycle?
  • Sanderson et al. (2011) Reading Question: What is the theory of the Protestant Ethic Thesis as expressed by the “common interpretation” of the theory as interpreted by Delacroix and Nielsen? Draw a diagram of the theory and identify the key theoretical concepts and causal relationships.

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